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Bloody Mary’s is named after Queen Mary I of England who is more eloquently known as Bloody Mary. Our tie to Queen Mary I originates from our location of Latimer Square, and Queen Mary I’s habit of burning Protestants at the steak (wait, we mean stake).

Over the length of her reign, Queen Mary I burned over 280 Protestant martyrs at the stake, many of who are remembered in the names of Christchurch streets and squares. Bishop Hugh Latimer, for whom Latimer Square is named, was burnt at the stake by Queen Mary I on 16th October, 1555. Due to our location of Latimer Square, the history of Bishop Hugh Latimer has deeply encouraged Bloody Mary’s final concept as a premium ‘Stake” house, and bar focusing on Bloody Mary cocktails.

The moment you walk in to Bloody Mary’s, you know you’re in for an experience. Local Bluestone, Dark Oak and rich leather furnishings feature throughout a sophisticated space. Choose from our casual all day Brasserie menu or treat yourself to a classic, New York style steakhouse experience in Bloody Mary’s restaurant.

When it comes to beef and lamb, our Chef sources only the best local produce. Wakanui, Angus/ Hereford cross and Hereford Prime from South Canterbury and Canterbury Angus from you guessed it, Canterbury! We had to look a little further afield from our Wagyu. It may not be from the South Island but Firstlight from Hawke’s Bay is the best locally bred Wagyu on the market and at 7-9 marble score, a steak to remember.

To compliment our menu, Mary’s has an extensive, and impressive wine list. The list has a strong focus on New Zealand wines, featuring a number of South Island Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc’s. At Mary’s we love our champagne and we have wide selection of by the glass and bottle options. Given our penchant for steak, we know all too well it’s hard to go past a big bold red so there are a few varietals from Australia, California and France.

Even the occasional vegetarian loves a great steak (we have proof), and how could we pass up the opportunity for so many stake puns. Emphasis is put on the proper treatment of animals: only using meat we can identify the breed of and farm sourced from. The menus reflect both the primal influence of nature and the highly seasonal ingredients used to create uncomplicated and approachable cuisine.

The Bloody Mary’s Grill is the main focus of the restaurant, as we put most of our energy into being more than just a steakhouse; we’re taking the highest quality produce from some of the purest places in New Zealand and making them simply delicious.


Mary’s House Rules

Best manners and restraint are expected at all times. Should you have had too much to drinks, service will be discontinued and you may be asked to collect your hat and coat

hughWe are happy you arrange a carriage to your desired destinationmary

Leave your days woes at the door with your hat and coat. We reserve the right to refuse entry at any time

Gentlemen, do not approach ladies, if you are lucky enough to have one approach you, treat her as the lady she is.

If you are lucky enough to have youth on your side please don’t be offended when we ask to check your identification

Fighting, talks of fighting and playfighting will not be tolerated.

A copy of available duelling times can be collected from the bartender

The fundamental rules are the same as that of a private residence. Feet do not belong on furniture, cigarette ash belongs in ash trays.

The master of the house is always right. No ifs, buts or maybes

Our dress code is neat and tidy at all times.

"Brand new Steakhouse for Christchurch and this place has it in spades! Furniture is awesome, nice staff and grade A steak! But where was everyone?! There is a big bar and terrace and bartenders who know there stuff. It won't be long until this place is packed! Dress up though, or you'll feel right out of place. Class-aye!"

Rick Kane -